Softening Diffusion Lens


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Prismatic Diffusion Lens
Prismatic Diffusion Lens
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Softening Diffusion Lens

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    Softening Diffusion Filters

    A softening diffusion filter can have several effects on the overall appearance and perception of the illuminated space. Opposite are the effects on different beam angles and below are some of the potential impacts on lighting a space:

    1. Softening of Shadows: Diffusion filters scatter light rays, which can help soften and reduce the harshness of shadows. This effect can make the lighting appear more even and reduce the contrast between illuminated and unilluminated areas. It can create a gentler and more pleasing atmosphere within the architectural space.

    2. Smoothing of Textures: Diffusion filters can reduce the appearance of fine details and textures on surfaces. By scattering the light, they can make surfaces appear smoother and less defined. This effect can be desirable in certain situations, such as when trying to create a more ethereal or dreamy ambiance, or when trying to minimize the visibility of imperfections.

    3. Glare Reduction: Diffusion filters can help reduce glare by scattering and diffusing the light that may otherwise directly hit the viewer's eyes. Glare occurs when the contrast between bright and dark areas is too high, causing discomfort or visual impairment. By softening the light, diffusion filters can make the illumination more comfortable and visually pleasing, especially in spaces where direct or intense lighting is used.

    4. Overall Atmosphere: The use of a softening diffusion filter can contribute to the overall mood and atmosphere of the architectural space. Depending on the specific filter and its characteristics, it can create a sense of intimacy, tranquility, or even a dream-like quality. The diffusion effect can help establish a particular aesthetic or evoke specific emotions in the viewers.

    5. Loss of Precision and Clarity: While diffusion filters can create a softer and more pleasing lighting effect, they also introduce a degree of loss in terms of clarity and sharpness. Fine details, textures, and distinct features may be somewhat blurred or less defined. It is important to consider this trade-off when using diffusion filters, as it may not be suitable for every application or desired lighting effect.

    Softening diffusion filters can help create a more gentle, comfortable, and visually appealing atmosphere by reducing shadows, smoothing textures, minimizing glare, and contributing to the overall mood and ambiance of the space.


    Fitting a Filter

    Fitting a filter into a Levello product is simple.

    For deep and directional fittings  (plus versions are required) put the filter in first, then the light source and secure with the spring clip provided.

    For Low profile versions the filter fits in the recess of the magnet.

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