Our pendant lights showcase the modular, plug-and-play nature of our products, allowing easy customization with our patented housing and magnetic fixing system. With a diverse range to choose from, Levello's pendant lights cater to all architectural lighting and ceiling accessory needs. Experience efficiency in installation, guaranteed safety, and the perfect ambience.

Installing a pendant into the Levello housing streamlines the installation process by eliminating the need for a separate ceiling cup. The bridge is used to secure the pendant light fixture within the housing. With a streamlined installation process and a visually appealing pendant, the Levello lighting system offers both functionality and style. This combination can enhance the look and feel of a room while also providing adequate illumination.

The Levello pendant can confidently select and install pendant light fixtures within the weight limit specified (5kg) by the Levello pendant kit, ensuring that your lighting setup is both secure and visually appealing. The ability to change out lights for any of your ranges at the user's convenience provides flexibility, allowing individuals to adapt their lighting to suit different occasions or design preferences. Additionally, the promise of a simple installation process enhances the user experience, making it more convenient and accessible for individuals to install or replace pendant lights as needed. These features make the Levello pendant kit an attractive option for those seeking a customisable and user-friendly lighting solution.

With the Levello pendant kit, users have the freedom to personalise their lighting environment according to their preferences and specific needs, creating dynamic and inviting spaces for various occasions.For example, switching from a soft, ambient lighting setup suitable for a study or bedroom to a brighter, more vibrant lighting scheme can instantly transform the room into a lively party space or dining area. This adaptability not only adds convenience but also enhances the functionality and enjoyment of the space, catering to different activities and moods.


Pendant Installation

You can easily change a downlight to a pendant light with Levello. Here's how:

Use the pendant bridge: Put it through the light housing into the ceiling space. It sits on top of the ceiling.

Hang the pendant cord: Let it hang on the bridge and secure it with a cable strain.

Quick installation: Use our connectors to install it fast and easily. No need to struggle with tricky connections up high.

Safety tested: Our pendant kits can hold up to 5 Kg in weight.