Second Fix - Installing Devices

Simple, quick and easy

Installing Presence Detectors

To install any of our Presence Detector range simply:

  1. Plug in the connector
  2. Push the connectors and driver through the housing into the ceiling void
  3. Insert the PIR into the holder
  4. insert the front plate with the movement sensor on into the housing

If you are using Paintable front plates, paint the front plate before fitting the detector into the ceiling

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Installing Speakers

To install our speakers simply:

  1. Connect the speaker cable
  2. ensure the speaker mesh is fixed to the magnets
  3. Insert the insert the Speaker into the housing

If you are using Paintable speaker mesh, paint the mesh before fitting the detector into the ceiling.

If painting the speaker mesh use compressed air once painted to stop the paint blocking the mesh grille.

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Installing Smoke and Heat Alarms

To install our smoke or heat alarms simply:

  1. If using interlinkable alarms follow the instructions on the pdf below to interlink them
  2. Insert the alarm into its base and ensure the 3 magnets supplied are on the bottom
  3. Insert the Alarm and magnets into the housing

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