Paintable Front Plates

Painting and Installation Guide

Our Paintable front plates have been coated with a protective finish which allow one to paint them with any type of paint finish so that they treuly match your ceiling. After extensive testing we have a number of reccommendations for you to get the best results from our products. 

Do ....

For best results

Use Small Roller

Use a small roller to paint the Front Plates as they tend to stick to large rollers, alternatively you can spray them. Ensure that there is a smooth even coat on the front plate and that they are fully dry before handling.

Use Cardboard

Place the Front Plates on a clean flat surface, a piece of cardboard is ideal and allow them to dry fully before putting them into the Levello Fitting. We don't reccomend using newspaper as it tends to stick to the plate when dry and can be difficult to remove.

Do not ...

If you want the best from our products 

Paint in Ceiling

Although tempting, do not paint the plates in the ceiling. Apart from getting paint on the front of the Lamp or Baffle, the paint will act like a weak glue make them more difficult to remove and it is unlikely that when they are removed the paint will "crack" in a perfect circle

Remove IP Label removal when wet

Wait until the plates are fully dry before removing the IP65 protective label ,

Painting the front plates

A short Video of Greg showing us how to paint Levello front plates.

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Put Plate on surface

Place you Front Plates on a dry, clean flat surface, we found a piece of cardboard is ideal.

Roll with Small roller

Use a small roller to paint the Plates, alternatively you can spray them. Ensure a smooth even coat is applied. Allow the paint to dry fully.

Remove IP Label

If painting an IP65 Plate, remove the label

Fit plate into housing

If you have not already fitted the insert, fit the plate and insert into the housing.