Soraa Downlights & Spotlights​

Simply Perfect Lights

Discover the seamless integration of Levello and Soraa, offering unparalleled flexibility and style. With Levello's versatile range and Soraa's innovative lamp technology, the possibilities are endless. Customize your lighting experience by selecting the perfect Soraa lamp and utilising Soraa Snap lenses for precise light control. Whether you're looking to enhance your home or elevate a commercial space, Levello and Soraa provide the ideal combination of functionality and aesthetics, ensuring that you achieve the perfect lighting ambiance with ease.


Soraa VIVID lamps make colors look beautiful and true to life, covering all the colours we can see. They imitate natural sunlight perfectly, giving off high-quality light that's ideal for situations where getting colours right is crucial.  This full-spectrum lamp series features a High CRI of 95 (R9-95) and SORAA's Natural white Technology 


The Soraa Brilliant HL lamp is made with top-notch design and technology. It uses a special kind of LED that's really good at producing light efficiently.


Soraa Zero Blue lamps contain no blue light in their spectrum, unlike dimmed lights that emit warmer tones. This helps prevent overexposure to blue light in the evening, which can disrupt our sleep patterns and affect our long-term health.