Soraa Vivid GU10 Luminaires

Select Soraa Vivid lamps for various types of installations, including plaster-in minimal trim, second-fix inserts, and spotlights.

Experience Colour and White Like Never Before 

Lighting professionals and architects seek to enhance human experiences in the spaces they design. When taking color into consideration, they can amplify the visual and emotional impact of these spaces.

SORAA is redefining the way industry leaders evaluate color and white to make all spaces, objects and people look their best. Evaluating light sources by combining TM-30, CRI, R9 and Rw (white rendering) means we create a quality of light that’s thoughtful and precise. By taking a balanced approach when developing LED technology, we make it possible to render rich colors and shades of white as accurately as light found in nature.

Plaster in Downlights

Plaster-in downlights seamlessly merge with your ceiling while ensuring optimal brightness. Achieve a contemporary, uninterrupted lighting effect with plaster-in downlights, as they effortlessly integrate into the ceiling, almost disappearing from view. Achieve a brilliantly illuminated space with minimalistic aesthetics.

Minimal Trim Downlights

Minimal trim offers a sleek and discreet appearance when installed in ceilings or other surfaces. These fixtures typically feature a front plate, often flush with the surrounding surface, resulting in a clean and unobtrusive look. Minimal trim downlights are popular in modern architectural designs where a minimalist aesthetic is desired, providing effective illumination without drawing attention to the fixture itself.

Twin Downlights

Twin Downlights.

Second Fix Inserts

If you have already purchased and installed one of our First Fix Housing all you need is the second Fix insert to complete your project


Spotlights are typically used to highlight or accentuate particular objects, areas, or architectural features within a space. They are versatile fixtures that can be adjusted to direct light precisely where it's needed, making them ideal for tasks such as highlighting artwork, illuminating displays in retail environments, or providing focused task lighting in residential and commercial settings.

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