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When not illuminated, most downlights have an unsightly bezel; install a number of them and the ceiling takes on the appearance of an airport runway or a bad case of acne. Levello’s patented, magnetic flush mounting system allows the front plate to be completely level with the ceiling, avoiding the runway effect. Also available in a paintable version, the front plate can be finished with the same paint to match the ceiling or wall so it blends in perfectly.

The completely trimless, fixed orientation, LOW PROFILE downlight fits into the smallest of ceiling voids. In its smallest configuration it can comfortably be installed in to a 55mm ceiling void, the lamp is simply held in-between the magnets.

DEEP low glare downlight positions the light source 1” above the surface of the ceiling. This eliminates a direct view of the light source to produce a softer aesthetic where light appears in the desired area without a blinding glare from the ceiling.

Tilt and turn DIRECTIONAL downlight is designed for lighting features such as pictures, objects, displays and ideal for wall washing. The DIRECTIONAL products can rotate through 360 ° and can tilt up to 35 °, yet still remain completely flush with the ceiling even at maximum tilt.

The Plus range has been designed with Lighting Designers in mind, giving them the ability to create more precise lighting effects. The Plus range is available in both DEEP PLUS and DIRECTIONAL PLUS versions and allows a combination of up to 4 different filters and lenses.

Lamps to be ordered separately.

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