Presence Detector 1-10V


£ 40.91

Presence Detector DALI
Presence Detector DALI
£ 40.91
£ 40.91
Presence Detector Low Voltage
Presence Detector Low Voltage
£ 40.91
£ 40.91

Presence Detector 1-10V

Presence Detector 1-10V

£ 40.91 40.910000000000004 GBP £ 40.91

£ 40.91

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Product Description

The Levello series of miniature PIR (passive infrared) presence detectors provide automatic control of lighting loads with optional manual control. There are three models available: On/off, direct dim, and analogue dim, all of which will switch incandescent, fluorescent and compact fluorescent lighting. The direct dim variant controls DALI or DSI digital dimming -ballasts whilst the analogue dim variant controls 1-10V dimming ballasts.

The unit detects movement using a PIR sensor and turns the load on. When an area is no longer occupied the load will switch off after an adjustable time-out period.

All functionality is fully programmable using an IR headset. These products are available with either a powder-coated front plate or a paintable plate. The sensor module must be removed from the housing and front plate assembly before painting.

               Technical Information

Physical Characteristics


Cut out                                          62 mm

Minimum Ceiling Void Depth    115 mm

  1. measured with 53.5 GU10 lamp - Measure your lamp


(excluding GU10 Lamp)

with Classic Housing                 233 g

with Retrofit Housing                 317 g


Housing: Mild steel galvanised & powder coated

Insert: Anodised aluminium

Technical Characteristics

Fire & Insulation

60-Minute Fire-Rated

Not suitable for covering with  insulation

     (see insulation covering accessories)

Air Tightness

When used with a Thermahood conforms to 

  • C2 – Condensation
  • L1 – Insulation And Air Leakage
  • E1 – Sound Protection

Standards & Ratings

BSEN 60958



5 years (Luminaire parts and materials)

Electrical Characteristics


3 Pole

16A screwless

Cable capacity

    4 x 1mm

    2 x 1.5mm

Lamp suitability

25W Halogen


Product Features

Lighting Looking fabulous

Completely flush finish

The Luminaire fits completely flush with the ceiling making it almost invisible.

Paintable front plates

With our unique paintable front plate option the front of fitting blends in with the rest of the ceiling and more importantly won't become yellow with ageing, unlike other light fittings.

Wide range of accessories

Allowing you to customise not only the look of the light fitting, but also the light coming out of it. Check out our range of baffles, front plates, lenses and filters.

PIR Sensor

Detects movement within the unit’s detection range, allowing load control in response to changes in occupancy.

IR Receiver

Receives control and programming commands from an IR (infrared) handset.

RJ11 connector 

The sensor head has a flying lead with an RJ11 plug at the end plugs into the RJ11 socket on the power supply.

Standard power supply 

This power supply has a 6A relay. It also has connections for an external switch that can be used to turn on the load when the absence detection mode has been set or raised/lowered with dimming variants.

... simple to use and maintain

Simple easy installation

Plaster in light fittings can be challenging to install, but with our tried and tested installation method this is simple and easy.

Easy maintenance

No spring clips, no complicated twist and lock fixing systems, just simple magnets, pull the insert out and swap the lamp or even change the fitting.


Should you or your client need to change how the space is used, the light fitting can be quickly and easily swapped for one of our other products such as a pendant.

60-Minute Fire Rating

Fire-rated to 60 minutes with Levello's unique fire protection system

Light Level Sensor

Measures the overall light level in the detection area.

Slim-line power supply 

Where space is at a premium the slim-line power supply is compact and suitable for luminaire mounting where a 2A relay is sufficient. This power supply does not have connections for external switches.

What's in the box

This product has everything you need to install and fit our product with the exception of the GU10 lamp


Two magnets are supplied - as the Levello system requires 3 magnets in total - the third magnet is attached to the Deep insert.

Presence Detector Unit

The "plug and play" GU10 Lampholder is pre-wired for your  convenience

Front Plate

The front plate is galvanised steel which is then powder coated or painted depending upon the finish required

5-Year Warrantee

Levello products come with a 5-year warrantee


First Fix Installation

Installation is simple and the results will be good as long as you follow our installation steps.

The supply cable is terminated to the connector and then housing is permanently fixed into the ceiling. The ceiling is then plastered so the rim of the housing is flush with the plastered ceiling See (see Video). Decorators’ cards are provided to protect the inside of the housing from contamination with paint or plaster (see previous picture).

Installation Guide


Second Fix Installation

Firstly, fit the lamp into the Deep Insert (see previous video), plug in the connector and fit the insert into the housing.

You can download the installation leaflet from the documents tab and more information is available on our Installation Guide page  - link below

PDF Guide

                  Second Fix Installation

Plate Finish- Paintable Plate or RAL 9010 Plate or Special Plate
2.8M PIR Datasheet Final.pdf

Option's Documents