Interlink Smoke Alarm


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Interlink Heat Alarm
Interlink Heat Alarm
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£ 112.00
Vivid Deep Plaster-in (GU10)
Vivid Deep Plaster-in (GU10)
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5 Year Battery

Interlink Smoke Alarm

Interlink Smoke Alarm with 5 year battery

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£ 105.00

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    Product Description

    The Mini Smoke Alarm is the world's smallest Photoelectric smoke alarm. Designed for installation in private homes and approved for Recreational Vehicles (RV) such as camping trailers, mobile homes and caravans.

    The Alarm makes an optical reading every 8 seconds, when it detects unusual readings - going into alarm stage - the readings are taken every 2 seconds. The photoelectric smoke alarm has a 5 year Lithium Battery, 10 year warranty and a penetrating alarm sounder producing 85dB(A) at 3 meters, a 10 minute pause option, 30 day low battery warning and fits snugly into our Levello Housing for simple installation. 

    The front plates can be either RAL9010, Paintable (allowing you to paint with the same paint as the ceiling) and a Special Plate where we will finish the front plate to your specification.

                   Technical Information

    Physical Characteristics

    Cut out and void Depth

    Cut out                                          62 mm

    Minimum Ceiling Void Depth    25 mm

    Measured from front of ceiling

    Alarm Dimensions

    Height                                            40 mm

    Diameter                                        40 mm

    Weight                                          115 g

    Technical Characteristics

    Fire & Insulation

    Fire-Rated depending upon housing choice

    Suitable for covering with  insulation

    Air Tightness

    When used with a Thermahood conforms to 

    • C2 – Condensation
    • L1 – Insulation And Air Leakage
    • E1 – Sound Protection

    Standards & Ratings

    EN 14604:2005, EN60065, RoHS, REACH



    Alarm                                        10 Years

    Levello System                          5 Years

    Alarm Characteristics

    5 year Battery

    85dB(A) Sounder at 3 meters

    10 minute pause option

    30 day low battery warning

    Optical reading  every 8 seconds

    When in Alarm mode optical reading every 2 seconds

    Product Features

    Devices Looking fabulous

    Discrete Design

    Allowing you to customise not only the look of the light fitting, but also the light coming out of it. Check out our range of baffles, front plates, lenses and filters.

    Paintable front plates

    With our unique paintable front plate option the front of fitting blends in with the rest of the ceiling and more importantly won't become yellow with ageing, unlike other Ceiling accessories.

    ... simple to use and maintain

    Simple installation

    No spring clips, no complicated twist and lock fixing systems, just simple magnets, pull the insert out and swap the lamp or even change the fitting.


    Should you or your client need to change how the space is used, the device can be quickly and easily swapped for one of our other products such as a pendant.

    What's in the box

    This product requires a housing


    Three magnets are supplied with the alarm as the Levello system needs 3 magnets

    Alarm unit

    The alarm unit is fitted into a base which locates in between our magnets

    Front Plate

    The front plate is galvanised steel which is then powder coated or painted depending upon the finish required

    5-Year Warrantee

    The smoke alarm comes with a 5 year manufacturer's warrantee. Levello products have a 5 year warrantee

    Housing Choice

    We supply this product without a housing so you need to add one of our housings if you have not already got one installed


    First Fix Installation

    Installation is simple and quick.

    It will depend on the choice of housing, but you will need to cut a 62mm hole for one of our housings or use one of our retrofit housings.

      Housing Installation Guide


    Second Fix Installation

    If using Paintable front plates, please paint the first as per our front plate paining guide

    The Alarm needs to have its mounting plate in between the magnets, the front plate is put over the alarm and is held by the magnets. then the whole assembly is inserted into the housing and simply clicks into place.

                               Second Fix Installation

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