Levello is a leading lighting and ceiling accessories manufacturer. At the heart of what makes Levello unique is the modular, plug-and-play nature of our product range.

By using our patented housing and magnetic fixing system means the light fitting can easily be customised to suit the customers’ requirements.

Although the fitting would normally be chosen at the specification stage, with Levello Client changes can be accommodated simply and easily at any stage during the build process.


A Ceiling, Looking to the future and out to the universe. Using different accessories from the Levello range to design a perfect skyline.

           ''A Ceiling, Looking to the future and out to the universe. 

           Using different accessories from the Levello range 

           to design a perfect skyline.''

Multi-Generational Living

Changes in family living easily and without additional costs.

There are now 1.8 million households in the UK
that contain two or more adult generations, which is an increase of 38% in just 10 years. The reasons behind this increase include support for children, elderly relatives, coupled with a shortage of affordable retirement living accommodation, as well as young adults wanting to get on the property ladder.

The situation in 2023 is at best an inconvenience, but nonetheless a growing problem. However, we have found that there are upsides to living in
a multi-generational household. Elder members of the family can be at home for childcare and shopping. While the parents are both free to work longer hours. The elderly are able to interact with family members, without loneliness being a crippling problem.

The older generations have different lighting requirements, typically requiring more light and higher CRI light sources. Levello can assist with this, the flexibility of our fixing system allows light sources to be swapped out in seconds and our range of full spectrum light sources are ideal to help the older generations.


Levello is manufactured in Hertfordshire, UK. Our Lights are supplied complete in stylish packaging with simple installation instructions printed on the lid. The factory assembled connectors ensure speedy installation and testing, enabling the user to swap their fittings with ease; and ensure the safety of the installation.

Products can be supplied as ‘first fix’ and ‘second fix’ kits, reducing the risk of lost or damaged products onsite - while allowing last-minute changes to be accommodated with ease.

A client wished to read on her side of the bed, but not disturb her husband.

We designed a bespoke light, which solved the problem.

Bespoke Lighting

In this client’s chalet, we built bespoke lighting into their drawing room. They lifted the ceiling to put a loft in; and the Levello low profile range fitted in this scheme beautifully.


Circular Economy

Levello has built the circular economy into the heart of its products. Levello manufactures luminaries and light sources at its factory in Hertfordshire, UK. All our light-fittings and our Natural range of light sources come with a 20 year repair and reuse guarantee.

The overexploitation of natural resources, required to achieve economic growth and development, has negatively impacted the environment and adversely affected the environment. It is easy to see why the idea of a circular economy, which offers new ways to create a more sustainable economic growth model, is taking hold across the globe.

At the heart of Levello's culture is just this idea, to sustain and protect our beautiful world, as well as provide the best lighting solutions for our progressive and evolving lives. From the outset, the ethos of the Levello team has been sustainability and the reuse of products.

With this in mind, we developed our patented magnetic fixing system allowing our products to be, not only interchangeable but flexible enough to cope with changes in lighting and ceiling accessories technology, for years to come.

When we came to planning our new factory in 2019, we undertook a project with the University of Bedfordshire to make our premises as energy efficient as possible, using technologies such as far infrared heating systems and of course LED lighting and

All our packaging is environmentally friendly and at the centre of our company is the conscious decision to strive to do better in the products we make, improve, reuse and recycle.

Levello is leading the way in this field, and it is the essence of our business. Looking forward to working with you in the future.

Roger Piepenstock
Managing Director
''We are in an age of exciting changes, and positive development in our designs but equally in our business practices towards the environment. At Levello, our team work to ensure the Circular Economy, which is the idea to reduce waste, and to improve, reuse and recycle products.  We aim to continue building a thriving business that is respected for its commitment to innovation, quality and sustainability. Levello delivers value to customers and stakeholders alike.''