Understanding Soraa's Vivid Lamps
Illuminate Your World with Soraa's Vivid Lamp Technology

Soraa Vivid lamps are high-quality LED bulbs known for their exceptional colour accuracy and vivid lighting. They are designed to showcase colours in their truest form, making them ideal for use in retail spaces, art galleries, museums, and other settings where colour rendering is important.

SORAA is redefining the way industry leaders evaluate colour and white to make all spaces, objects and people look their best. Evaluating light sources by combining TM-30, CRI, R9 and Rw (white rendering) means we create a quality of light that’s thoughtful and precise. By taking a balanced approach when developing LED technology, we make it possible to render rich colours and shades of white as accurately as light found in nature.

CRI, Meet TM-30

The TM-30 methodology is redefining how industry leaders evaluate light sources, and how manufacturers like SORAA produce them. SORAA LED lamps and luminaires rank highly when measured against TM-30 and CRI to deliver unmatched colour rendering.

TM-30: A More Accurate Way to Measure Colour

 The Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) partnered with lighting design researchers and specification and manufacturing experts to design TM-30, an improved colour rendition metric that more accurately evaluates the natural rendering of colours by light sources. With guidance from SORAA scientists, TM-30 is a more complete approach for measuring colour accurately compared to CRI.

A Comprehensive Approach

More Science

TM-30 uses state-of-the art scientific advances in colour science to measure light source rendition. As a result, it is more accurate than the traditional CRI method—especially for narrow-band spectra.

More Accuracy

The CRI fidelity index uses 8 colour evaluation samples, while the TM-30 fidelity index, Rf, uses 99. TM-30 also provides more insights with the gamut index Rg, which indicates a colour's saturation when illuminated by a light source.

More Insights

TM-30’s colour vector graphics offer additional information about saturation levels and hue shifts. Several TM-30 indices deliver more colour rendering insights, including the colour fidelity of reds and skin tones.

99 Color Evaluation Samples. 

Infinite Possibilities.

TM-30 employs a set of 99 colour evaluation samples (CES) to determine fidelity for a more complete measurement of colour. Optimized for real-world applications, each of TM-30’s 99 colour evaluation samples were selected from more than 100,000 reflectance properties for real objects.