How to install our products?

A guide to fit our lighting fixtures.

​Installation Overview

1.   Select the required position for your Levello product ensuring the clearance shown are observed. Beware of joists, water pipes and electric cables. 
2.   Cut hole for Levello housing. 
3.   Connect housing earth to mains connector as per its installation instructions. 
4.   Insert housing into ceiling. 
5.   Finish ceiling. 
6.   Insert the fitting. 

Electrical Installation

1.   Remove fixing screws + cover. 
2.   Strip cables back to the appropriate lengths 
outer 20mm/ inner 7mm. 
3.   Offer cable into the terminal, ensuring there are no stray strands of wire. 
4.   Screw tightly down onto the cables making sure the cable cannot be pulled out. 
5.   Replace cover back onto the connector. 
6.   Screw cover in place.


Installing Levello Plaster in Trimless Downlight