Infinite Possibilities

Levello uses a housing which is fitted permanently into the ceiling, different styles of fittings or ‘inserts’ are placed into the housing and held in by magnets, a front plate completes the flat finish. As a result, Levello is versatile, allowing the user to change a downlight, to a pendent, to a spot light or even blank out the position completely in seconds. Just decide if the product needs to be fire rated or not and the options are endless

Levello Infinite Possibilities
Easy Living.

Standard Housing

Unlike other lighting products the modularity of the Levello system lends itself to a different way of ordering and stock holding. Therefore, as well as complete products, we offer First Fix and Second Fix sets. The advantage of this is that the installer only has those items on site which they can use during firstfix without having to worry about damaging or losing inserts, drivers or lamps. This also permits designers to change the fitting and effect as the interior evolves.

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Levello's Modularity.

First Fix Sets The Set contains all of the necessary items to install the product ready for the decorator to complete their work.

Second Fix Sets The ‘Second Fix’ sets are not required until the ceiling has been completely finished. The sets comprise of the insert, magnets and prewired lamp holder and connector assembly; making the ‘Second fix’ of an installation ‘Plug and Play’. The ‘Second Fix’ sets are sold in packs of two, the product codes for the ‘Second Fix’ sets are the same as for the complete products except they start with a “3” i.e. LE1015 for the complete product, LE3015 for the insert twin pack.


Levello 62mm HSS Holesaw
Levello Retrofit Holesaw

Retrofit Holesaw

The Retrofit Holesaw has been specially designed to enable installers to fit Levello Housings in finished ceilings or where the plasterboard has been tape and jointed. It has two cutting edges so that it cuts the hole and the rebate for the lip of the housing. The product comes complete with a test housing allowing the installer to check that the rebate is square and that the housing will fit flush into the ceiling.

62mm HSS Holesaw

Painted green our 62mm HSS Holesaw is easily recognisable in the toolbox


Levello offers a comprehensive range of beam shaping and colour rendering accessories, all of which can be fitted at the point of installation or retro fitted without the use of tools. We have selected a range of filters categorised into; Louvres & Lenses, Technical filters and Colour filters. In Applications where Lenses, Louvres or Colour filters are required, please select from either the LOW PROFILE, DEEP PLUS or DIRECTIONAL PLUS ranges. Please note the DEEP and DIRECTIONAL ranges will not accept accessories. For ease of understanding the lenses and filters are described in units of module height, the table below shows how many modules each light fitting can accommodate. All lenses and filters are 1 module high with the exception of the 45 ° Honeycomb Louvre, which is double in height - 2 modules high.

Magnet Covers or Baffles.

Magnet Covers or Baffles Magnet covers enhance the Flush Range, adding an aesthetic finishing quality’; where white magnet covers serve to naturally blend the lighting into the ceiling for an even more unobtrusive effect. Matt black magnet covers reduce glare and specular reflections of the light source. Other colours are available on request. Magnet covers are compatible with the LOW PROFILE, DIRECTIONAL and DIRECTIONAL PLUS products. Baffles enhance the lighting effects and improve the aesthetics of the DEEP and DIRECTIONAL products. A ‘darklight’ effect can be created with the addition of a black baffle as glare is reduced. White baffles create a uniform aperture having a softer lighting aesthetic which merges the lighting with any white ceiling. Baffles in other colours allow customisation and can enhance the effect of the lighting.