Vivid Deep IP65 Minimal Trim (GU10)


£ 1.00

Vivid Deep Minimal Trim (GU10)
Vivid Deep Minimal Trim (GU10)
£ 1.00
£ 1.00
Vivid Directional Plaster-in (GU10)
Vivid Directional Plaster-in (GU10)
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£ 1.00

Vivid Deep IP65 Minimal Trim (GU10)

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£ 1.00

  • Brand
  • Ceiling void Height
  • Fire Rating
  • Insert Type
  • Lamp type
  • Plate Shape
  • IP Rating
  • Light Source Range
  • Lamp Power
  • Beam Angle
  • CRI
  • Colour Temperature
  • Driver
  • Emergency Pack
  • Glare Reduction
  • Colour Changing Effects

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Brand: Soraa


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Product Description

The Soraa Vivid Deep IP65 Minimal Trim is a recessed downlight with a deep internal baffle which is suitable for zones 1 & 2. The combination of the SORAA VIVID range of light sources and Levello Light fittings gives a luminaire which is flexible and easy to maintain and has fabulous colour rendering. At only 2mm proud of the ceiling it is one of the most discrete products on the market, especially when used with paintable front plates.

Soraa VIVID lamps offer beautiful and accurate colour and white rendering across the entire visible spectrum, mimicking the natural range of sunlight, to deliver unmatched quality of light for colour critical applications.

You can select from non fire-rated and 60-minute fire-rated options above; a variety of beam angles and beam shapes as well as Glare Reduction and Colour Changing Options

This product is fully interchangeable with any of the products in the Levello range (all of the Levello products fit into the same housing). Luminaires and lamps (and even PIR's) can be swapped quickly and simply, should the need arise simply, quickly and easily without damaging the ceiling.

               Technical Information

Physical Characteristics


Cut out                                          62 mm

Minimum Ceiling Void Depth    115 mm

(this depends upon in which magnet the lamp is installed)


Complete with Housing                275 g


Housing: Mild steel galvanised & powder coated

Electrical Characteristics


3 Pole, 16A pluggable connectors

Cable capacity                4 x 1mm, 2 x 1.5mm

Power Factor                   0.80

Input Power                     230V +/- 23V, 50/60Hz

Technical Characteristics

Fire & Insulation

Either 60 Minutes or non Fire-Rated

Not suitable for covering with  insulation       (see insulation covering accessories)

Air Tightness

When used with a Thermahood conforms to 

  • C2 – Condensation
  • L1 – Insulation And Air Leakage
  • E1 – Sound Protection

 Standards & Ratings

BSEN 60958



Luminaire                          5 years

Soraa Lamp                      3 years or 25,000 hrs

                                            (whichever comes first)

 Rated lifetime to L70      35,000 hrs

Lamp Characteristics

Lamp Output and Power

7.5 W                                390 - 455 lumens

9.5 W                                465 - 490 lumens


Compatible with trailing edge phase cut dimmers only. 

Not for use with leading edge dimmers

Dimming and Flicker T24/JA8 compliant.

 Please reference our compatibility chart (in downloads) for dimmer and transformer information

Colour Metrics

CIE Metrics                      95 CRI, R9 95

TM30 Metrics:                 Rf 90, Rg 100

Whiteness Index:             Rw 100

Product Features

Lighting Looking Fabulous

Completely flush finish

Once Installed, the Luminaire fits completely flush with the ceiling making it almost invisible.

Paintable IP65 Front Plate

With our unique paintable front plate option the front of fitting blends in with the rest of the ceiling and more importantly won't become yellow with ageing, unlike other light fittings.

Simple easy installation

Plaster in light fittings can be challenging to install, but with our tried and tested installation method this is simple and easy.


Should you or your client need to change how the space is used, the light fitting can be quickly and easily swapped for one of our other products, such as a pendant.

Simply Perfect Light

Point Source Optics™

Point Source Optics deliver exceptional beam quality with
crisp shadows, perfect uniformity and precisely controlled
beam distributions from 10° to 60°.


Soraa VIVID lamps utilize full spectrum light to provide industry-leading color rendition of CRI/95, R9/95, Rf/90, Rg/100 for precise color reproduction.


Soraa VIVID lamps are engineered to deliver outstanding whiteness rendering for true-to-life whites, which matches or exceeds incandescent sources at 2700K and 3000K.

Easy maintenance

No spring clips, no complicated twist and lock fixing systems, just simple magnets.  Pull the insert out and swap the lamp or even change the fitting.

What's in the box

This product has everything you need to install and fit our product

First Fix Housing

The Fire Rated Housing is supplied complete with the supply connector and installation instructions. 

GU10 Lampholder and connector

The "plug and play" GU10 Lampholder is pre-wired for your  convenience.

IP65 Front Plate

The IP65 front plate has glass bonded in between one of the magnets and the front plate. Paintable versions are available.


Three magnets are supplied - as the Levello system requires 3 magnets in total ,the lamp and any accessories will be factory installed.

Decorators Cards

We supply decorators cards to protect the interior of the first fix housing from contamination from paint or plaster.

Soraa Vivid Lamp

The lamp will be fitted with any accessories ordered, just fit the GU10 Connector, pop it into the installed housing and  the magnet will guide it into place.


First Fix Installation

Installation is simple and the results will be fabulous, as long as you follow our installation steps.

The supply cable is terminated to the connector and then housing is permanently fixed into the ceiling. The ceiling is then plastered so the rim of the housing is flush with the plastered ceiling (see Video). Decorators’ cards are provided to protect the inside of the housing from contamination with paint or plaster (see previous picture).

Installation Guide


Second Fix Installation

Firstly, fit the lamp into the Low Profile Insert (see previous video), plug in the connector and fit the insert into the housing.

You can download the installation leaflet from the documents tab and more information is available on our Installation Guide page  - link below

PDF Guide

                  Second Fix Installation

Fire Rating 60 Minute Fire Rated or Non Fire Rated
Baffle Black or White or Special Baffle
Plate Finish Paintable or RAL 9010 or Custom Plate
Brand Soraa
Ceiling void Height 115-122
Fitting Type Minimal Trim
Insert Type Deep
Lamp type GU10
Plate Shape Round
IP Rating IP65
Light Sources
Lamp Power 7.5 Watts or 9.5 Watts
Beam Angle 25° or 10° or 10°-25° Linear Diffusion or 25°-25° Flat Top or Aim Lens (up to 20° Beam Shift)
Colour Temperature 2700 K or 3000 K or 4000 K
Emergency Pack - or Emergency Pack
Glare Reduction - or Honeycomb louvre
Colour Changing Effects - or Coloured Gels or 1/4 CCT Shifter or 1/2 CCT Shifter or 3/4 CCT Shifter or Soraa Enhance Lens
Light Source Range Soraa Vivid
Driver No Driver Required

Option's Documents